Altered Horizons: Conversation with the Artists

Altered Horizons: Conversation with the Artists

“Directorio” by Cesar Vazquez

“Directorio” by Cesar Vazquez


With artists Qais Al-Sindy, Luis Alderete, Jennifer Bennett, Antonio Escalante, Lisa Hutton, Selena Marinello, and Cesar Vázquez, moderated by Museum Studies Professor, Alessandra Moctezuma.

An exhibition that invites visitors to explore our changing urban landscape. From two-dimensional works to video and installation pieces, seven artists residing in the San Diego/Tijuana region explore contemporary space and offer a multi-cultural glimpse of what the future might hold.

Hear from the participating artists about their artwork, process and concepts.

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Some of the artists in the exhibit depict environmental implications as human beings change the landscape around them and explore the connection between geography and infrastructure. Hutton’s drawing of a lovely beach with a woman sunbathing as an oil rig explodes in the distance and smoke engulfs the sky, a painting by Bennett shows a power plant in Nevada inserted in an otherwise open natural landscape.

Some of the work is more abstract, video that contrasts rural and human migration by Qais Al Sindy, herds contrasted with people walking in an airport. A site specific installation by Selena Marinello is a sculpture made out of interconnected and crossing diagonal strings that spans across the ceiling and creeps down into the gallery walls. Maybe alluding to the threads of infrastructure that connect us as human beings. Through these various artists’ exploration of how humans have an impact on their surroundings, the students wanted to give us a glimpse onto our continually ‘altered horizons.’

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